Off-page SEO strategies to boost website traffic and website ranking on search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vast canvass of techniques to boost website traffic and website ranking on search engines. Beside all other techniques that are implemented for website ranking, off- page optimization is another crucial factor as far as SEO is concerned. Off-page SEO strategies deals with all the techniques that are executed outside the web-page. It is an activity of promoting the website to social networking sites or in simple language; it is a strategy to improve online reputation.

In addition, Off-page SEO has been an excellent approach to provide profitable results to the searcher. It gives them a picture on how the world perceives a specific site. A useful website will always have references and mentions on social platform like Google+, Facebook etc.

Benefits of optimization according to Off-page SEO strategies

Successful off-page SEO strategies will help the website owners in many ways:

More Rankings:  It will help in increasing the rank in Search engine results page which consequently means to boost website traffic.

Increased page rank – Page rank is numbering somewhere from 0 to 10 which shows the website’s reputation according to Google.

Greater exposure: Good website ranking on search engines means more visits, more social media mentions, more clicks and ultimately more exposure.

Off-page SEO strategies

It is not an easy task to post text including your links to other blogs and websites and neither can you completely controll as in on-page optimization. There are various techniques to boost the ranking of our web page and boost website traffic.

Link Building

It is surely, one of the most popular method which means creating external links to your website. Good quality links means better website ranking on search engines. Therefore, the main aim is to get links from high authority websites.

Improve Link building:

Blog Creating: It means adding the complete information of the site to a blog.

Forums Posting: It is an online discussion platform where users can post articles and comments. As people leave links in their signatures, they get back links to their website.

Article submission: Articles include information about a website including all the details about its services and products. This is an effective tool to generate bank links to your website.

Press Release: It is an off-page SEO strategy in which announcements are made about new developments in your website, services and products.

Video and PPT sharing: Through this method we can share information over social media through video content which explains the services through slides.

Business Local Listing: Promoting your business in a city is again an effective method in creating useful off-page SEO strategies. Certain directories like Yellow Pages link the entry back to website.

Sharing Content for better website ranking on search engines

Shared Content directories: Websites like hubpages permits you to publish content and in return, adding website favoring links.

Photo Sharing: If you are using images or photos on the site, then those you can share them on many photo sharing platforms like Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, etc. Other people will hopefully follow link to the site by putting a like or comment on the image.

Video Marketing: Videos also work wonders while promoting site and can leave greater impact about the brand. It is a cost effective way to share information about the business and services with thousands of people.

Social Media: A significant website traffic can be drawn by mentioning your website or brand on social media. Social media is always about engagement and as it is two-way website traffic. Few interesting posts and relevant links on Facebook, Twitter etc, can also help bringing people to your website.

Google+: It is also an important off-page SEO strategy to share the content via Google+. It is the Google’s own social channel. So, it usually uses it as a signifier for higher website ranking on search engines.

Off-page SEO strategies: Off-page SEO strategies are equally important as on-page optimization. We should also do both for successful optimization as they go hand in hand. Finally, Off-page SEO strategies require lot of hard work to create good links. In conclusion, both Off-page SEO and On-page SEO are important and they should work together.